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     20th August 2017                               THE NEWSLETTER                       20th Sunday of the Year
Masses for this week





Sa   19th

5.30pm    St P’s

Priest’s Intention

Vigil of the 20th Sunday of the Year

Su    20th       

8.30am    St P’s

Patrick Stewart L

20th Sunday of the Year

Su    20th      

10.00am  St J’s

For the Parish

20th Sunday of the Year

M    21st    


Rose Beirne     L

St Pius X Pp

T      22nd       


Patrick Stewart  L

Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

W     23rd


Priest’s Intention


Th    24th        


Anne O’Malley  R

St Bartholomew,  Apostle

F     25th 


Priest’s Intention



L = Lately Dead, A = Anniversary of Death, R = Remembrance          M = Martyr, V = Virgin, B = Bishop, Pp = Pope

P = Personal Intention, S = Sick, B = Birthday                                        D = Doctor, P = Priest, R = Religious

Please pray for the following, the anniversary of whose deaths occur at this time:
Leonard Newbold, Isobella Burns,
Vincent Joseph Wilcock, Alice Wilcock.
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


Readings at Mass


20th Sunday

21st Sunday


Isaiah 56:1.6-7

Isaiah 22:19-23


Romans 11:13-15.29-32

Romans 11:33-36


Matthew 15:21-28

Matthew 16:13-20

Collections: Very many thanks for your weekly donations for 12th/13th  August





£ 79.00

£ 158.10





Praying with the Pope in August, 2017
That artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation
Look at for more information.


News from the Diocese
46th Annual Rosary Rally …
… takes place on Saturday, September 9th at 3.00pm with Gospel Singer Tom McCourt.
It takes place in Platt Fields, Manchester,
(Grangethorpe Road Entrance)
Free Ice Cream!!
For more information, contact Sarah Mitchell
0161 431 0410
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Caritas Diocese of Salford are looking to employ a Payroll & Finance Officer based at their Salford Head Office.
Please see the notice at the back of the church for further details.

An invitation.
‘Larmenier Village’ Open Day
We are invited to the Open Day in Larmenier Retirement Village, Beardwood on Wednesday, 23rd August from2pm – 5pm

  • Music by the Silver Bell Band with the sounds of New Orleans
  • Guided tour of the Village
  • Fundraising in aid of the East Lancashire Hospice
  • Complimentary refreshments

RSVP  by 12th August 2017
- Tel. 01254 677926
-  e-mail
-  Post:  Sales Office, 3 Arrowsmith House,
Larmenier Village, Preston New Road,
Beardwood, BB2 7AL


Ecumenical Outdoor Worship Sunday, August 6th 2017. A ‘Thank you.’

Many thanks to all those who attended and helped out at this worship with our Anglican neighbours, which, as some of you may recall had a guest speaker, Mr Steve Burrowes who spoke on behalf of CAFOD. The collection held at the service, combined with the surplus collection at the Ecumenical shared worship the week before, came to £505. This has gone straight to CAFOD and all are thanked for their generosity.


‘Now, children, play nicely together!’
Did anyone ever say this to you and your brothers and sisters or school-friends when you were a child, especially after a row or argument with toys flying in all directions?
I was put in mind of this expression when I saw the scenes on our television screens coming from Charlottesville USA, last week. Of-course, in the face of such terrifying violence, such a remark is but a cynical response to make, and yet in a way the brutal behavior we witnessed is just like the naughty tantrums of little children but using adult weapons and force.
The readings of today’s mass, though taken from writings dating from centuries, if not millennia, ago are, sadly, just as appropriate in our day and age as when they were first written. Men and women haven’t learned to play nicely with each other despite being told to do so by worthy prophets and wise apostles then and through the ages.
Respect for human beings, where-ever we meet them and whoever they are is the only Christian response. Why then, do we do the exact opposite? Why do we strike out at certain people? Why do we resent certain other people coming into our lives? Such resentment is often rooted in our own sense of weakness and failure – we feel the need to take it out on others to make them feel inferior to ourselves because we can’t live with our own sense of weakness. The truth of the matter is that we are as good as the next man or woman. We have gifts and talents they do not have and they have gifts and talents we don’t have. When we learn to ‘play nicely’ then we will discover that we are all great and good.