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Reports from the June '17 Conference of Jesuit Parishes in Swanwick on the three significant documents issued by Pope Francis.


The Joy of the Gospel

The Joy of Love

On Care of our common home



22nd April 2018                                       THE NEWSLETTER                        Fourth Sunday of Easter Mass Schedule for this week





Sa    21st       

5.30pm    St P’s

Priest’s Intention

Vigil of 4th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Su    22nd      

9.30am    St J’s

For the Parish

4th Sunday of Easter (Year B)


11.00am  St P’s

For the College

4th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

M     23rd      


Memorial of St George

Memorial of St George M

T      24th     

8.20am    St P’s

Margaret Mary Whipp L

Weekday in Easter Season

W     25th      

8.20am    St P’s

Special Intention

Feast of St Mark M

W    25th

11.20am SMH

Mass for SMH


Th    26th      

No Mass

Weekday in Easter Season

F      27th

8.20am   St P’s

Priest’s Intention

St Peter Canisius SJ PR

(Every Saturday Afternoon:  Holy Hour with Confessions at 4.30pm,    Benediction at 5.15pm)


L = Lately Dead, A = Anniversary of Death, R = Remembrance          M = Martyr, V = Virgin, B = Bishop, Pp = Pope

P = Personal Intention, S = Sick, B = Birthday   F = Founders Mass             D = Doctor, P = Priest, R = Religious


Please pray for the following, the anniversary of whose deaths occur at this time:  Anne Bolton, Hannah Wilcock, Wlizabeth Hunt, William Earnshaw, Donald Wiley Farmer, William Golding, and Mary Philomena Marsden.    May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


Readings at Mass

 4th Sunday of Easter

5th Sunday of Easter


 Acts 4; 8 - 12

Acts 9; 26 - 31


 1 John 3;  1 - 2

1 John 3; 18 - 24


 John 10; 11 - 18

John 15; 1 - 8


 Diocesan Website:
for information on our Diocese and what is happening.



Praying with the Pope in April 2018

That economists may have the courage to reject any economy of exclusion and know how to open new paths.

Look at for more information.


Jesus the good shepherd
Jesus was a shepherd,
A nice one slim and tall.
He loved the sheep so much,
He loved them one and all.

The sheep began to know Him,
Spending time grazing the hills.
Soon they knew His voice,
And followed as He willed.

The sheep began to grow,
Stronger and lovelier every day.
They became good friends,
With their Shepherd right away.

Today is Good Shepherd Sunday  -  the day we traditionally pray
 for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Good Shepherd Sunday
Today the readings focus on Jesus being the Good Shepherd who takes care of his flock.   We pray for priests today and ask the Lord of the harvest to send more labourers to gather his harvest.   Please pray for more vocations today.

There is a second collection today at the end of Mass for the training of priests of the Salford Diocese.   Please be generous.


Medailla Trust Magazine
The latest issue is available after Mass.   Please read about their work to eradicate human trafficking.


The Collection:
Weekend 14th / 15th  April 2018









Standing orders for the month of March came to an average of £xx per week.
Thank you for your generosity.


St George’s Feast Day
Monday is the feast of St George, the patron saint of England.   We do not celebrate our national feast day as much as happens in other countries.   We have a great stained glass window in St Peter’s showing him slaying a rather docile looking dragon.   Let us take the opportunity to pray for our country.


Hummingbird Project film
There is a Movie Night to raise funds for the Hummingbird Project, which seeks to sponsor a refugee family here in the village.   The film is “Lion” and it will be shown in the St John’s Old School Hall this Monday at 7pm.   The suggested donation is £5.00.   All welcome.


Hummingbird project Bingo and Quiz Night
Another opportunity to support the hummingbird project on Friday.   St Mary’s Hall is hosting a Bingo and Quiz night from 7pm in their refectory.   Tickets are £7.50 Adults and £5.00 children.  All welcome.


Parish Council Meeting
This meeting has been rescheduled and will now take place Wednesday at 7.30pm.  Please let a member of the council know if there is an item of business you would like us to discuss.


Margaret Mary Whipp RIP
Margaret has been a parishioner of Langho.   Fr Leo will conduct her funeral at St Mary’s on Tuesday at 12 noon.   She will be interred in St Joseph’s Cemetery, Hurst Green, in her family plot at about 1.30pm.


Retreat for Readers
Readers please note that there will be a mini retreat on Saturday 12th May from 2pm to 4pm.   Readers will be invited to renew their commitment to reading at Mass on 12th/13th May.


Retreat for Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers are invited to a mini retreat on Saturday 19th May from 2pm to 4pm.  Our Eucharistic Ministers will be invited to renew their commitment at the Sunday Mass over that weekend.  


Talk on Evangelisation
Sherry Weddell is giving a talk:  Evangelisation – How to begin on Friday 11th May from 2.30pm to 8pm at St John Southworth Catholic Church, Nelson.   The cost is £15.   (Price includes buffet supper.)   All are welcome.




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