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New - Parish Extra Christmas 2017


Reports from the June '17 Conference of Jesuit Parishes in Swanwick on the three significant documents issued by Pope Francis.


The Joy of the Gospel

The Joy of Love

On Care of our common home



25th February 2018                                       THE NEWSLETTER                           2nd Sunday of Lent
Mass Schedule for this week





Sa    24th      

5.30pm    St P’s

The SMA Fathers

Vigil of 2nd Sunday of Lent (Year B)

Su    25th      

9.30am    St J’s

For the Parish

2nd Sunday of Lent (Year B)


11.00am  St P’s

For the College

2nd Sunday of Lent (Year B)

M     26th       


Weekday in Lent

T       27th     

8.20am    St P’s


Weekday in Lent


10.30am St P’s

Bernard Livesey

Funeral Mass

W     28th      

8.20am    St P’s

Ann Wilkinson F

Weekday in Lent


11.20am  SMH

Priest’s Intention

Weekday in Lent

Th    1st Mar


Weekday in Lent

F      2nd

8.20am     St P’s

Priest’s Intention

Weekday in Lent

L = Lately Dead, A = Anniversary of Death, R = Remembrance          M = Martyr, V = Virgin, B = Bishop, Pp = Pope
P = Personal Intention, S = Sick, B = Birthday  F = Founders Mass          D = Doctor, P = Priest, R = Religious


Please pray for the following, the anniversary of whose deaths occur at this time:
Elizabeth Seed, Joseph Kitching, Bertie Albert Isherwood, John Earnshaw, Ann Hardman and Joseph Burns:   May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


Readings at Mass


 2nd Sunday in Lent

 3rd Sunday in Lent


Gen 22: 1-2, 9-13,15-18

Exod 20; 1-17


 Rom 8; 31 – 34

1 Cor 1; 22-25


  Mark 9; 2-10

John 2; 13 - 25


 Diocesan Website:
for information on our Diocese and what is happening.

Praying with the Pope in March 2018

That the church may appreciate the urgency of formation in Spiritual Discernment, both on the personal and communitarian levels.

Look at for more information.


Lent in the third age

For lent you have to give up
Something that you enjoy
Well that gave me a lot more choices
When I was but a boy
Now it’s not quite so easy
I don’t enjoy too much at my age
So I will have to give up being cantankerous
Or just give up road rage


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Bernard Livesey who died last Sunday.
Please remember his family in your prayers too.
His funeral will take place in St Peter’s on Tuesday 27th February at 10.30am
followed by his interment in St Joseph’s Cemetery.    May he rest in peace.


Mission Appeal
We welcome Fr Tom Ryan from the SMA Fathers
will make a Mission Appeal at each of the Masses 

this weekend.   Please be as generous as you can.


Lent reflections                                                         
Three Lent Reflections are planned based on the theme “Hope in the Future” begin this Monday: 

Monday 26th February                                              
Lent:  A spiritual springtime                               
Monday 12th March                                                  
The joy of Lent                                                        
Monday 26th March                                                  
The Passion of Jesus

The talks take place at 7pm on each Monday evening and will be in Stonyhurst College Emmaus Centre.
If you intend to come to any of these, please come to the college reception (Glass Doors) by 7pm.   First Talk this Monday.


The Collection:
Weekend 17th / 18th February 2018









In addition to the plate collection some people make their church contribution through a standing order.   Many thanks for your generosity.


Fair Trade Fortnight begins on Monday
and goes on until 11th MarchBuying Fair Trade goods is a way in which we can support those in other parts of the world struggling to feed their families.   You can be sure that products with the Fairtrade Logo pay their workers a just wage.   Ask at your supermarket about their range of products.


Station Mass – “Called to Greatness”
This is a Mass aimed at the youth of the Ribble Valley deanery.   It takes place on Wednesday 7th March at 7pm at St Joseph’s, Blackburn.   Everyone is welcome.


Eucharistic Ministers
The diocese is now faced with such a shortage of priests, that if one Sunday a parish priest is not well enough to celebrate Mass, instead of searching for a replacement priest, a Eucharistic Minister should step in and hold a service.   Our Eucharistic Ministers are invited to a training session to learn how to do this.   The seminar is on Wednesday at 7.30pm at St Mary’s, Langho, Blackburn.  


Adoramus - Eucharistic Congress
This takes place in Liverpool from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September in Liverpool.   The parish has been allocated 4 places for the Friday (study day) and the Saturday (worship day).   Everyone is invited to the Sunday closing Mass.   If you would like to represent the parish, please see Fr Tim.   If we have more than 4 applications, we will draw names out of a hat.


World Meeting of Families
Pope Francis is hoping to attend this event in Dublin from 21st August to 26th August.   The deanery has been invited to nominate one family to represent us at this event.   Again, parish nominations will be forwarded to the deanery to be selected by lottery.    The family that goes will be asked to share their experience with the parishes of the deanery when they get back.


The Diocese of Salford Almanac for 2018 is now ready.   Copies are available after Mass.  Price £3


The Stonyhurst Holy Week retreat:
Runs from Holy Thursday evening (29th March) to Easter Sunday Midday (1st April).   It is open to individuals and families.   The non-residential cost is £88 (includes all meals and talks).   The parish can offer some help to parishioners who would find this cost a burden.   Bishop John Arnold will be the keynote speaker.   The retreatants will join the parish for the special services of Holy Week and Easter.


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